What You Can Do

If we want to see an LA where homelessness becomes a thing of the past, we must all become involved to support the solution. Here are some actions you can take:


Talk with your friends and neighbors about PSH

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about supportive housing. Let others know where you stand and what has helped shaped your perspective.


Write your City and Neighborhood Councils

Let them know you support PSH in your community.
Find your reps at: neighborhoodinfo.lacity.org


Follow organizations involved in PSH

Join the mailing lists for United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Abundant Housing and community developers. We’ve included a list on our Resources Page.


Attend meetings and speak up!

There are many opportunities to learn about projects or make a public comment. Your Neighborhood Council is a great place to start. neighborhoodinfo.lacity.org


Tour housing sites

Invite your friends and neighbors to tour nearby PSH facilities. It’s easy to arrange such events; just contact the local agencies that operate them. We’ve included a list on our Resources Page.